Craig Zotter & Associates

Craig Zotter & Associates is one of the premier divorce law firms in Pennsylvania. When faced with divorce, economic or custody issues you need an attorney that can help you through this difficult time. Craig Zotter and Associates can help guide you through some of the most important decisions that may affect your financial future and the relationship you have with your children.

When divorce necessitates the division of marital assets, our firm allows you to work with experienced divorce attorney's ready to advocate your financial position. Whether you need a high net-worth divorce that involves valuation of more complex assets such as a business, partnerships, pre-nuptial agreements and retirement plans or a more standard division of marital assets our firm is prepared to assist you.

When children are part of the divorce process, we help our clients obtain custody and visitation court orders that insure our clients they will actively participate in the life of their children. We also represent grandparents and third parties seeking custody or visitation.

Craig Zotter and Associates is also prepared to deal with all other economic, custody and divorce related issues. They include economic issues such as Child Support, Spousal Support, APL and Alimony. In custody, we have successfully dealt with complicated relocation trials that involve one parent wishing to relocate with their child to another county or state. In cases of domestic abuse, we can enforce or defend protection from abuse orders [PFA] allegations.

At Zotter and Associates, our firms philosophy is to provide high quality legal services using the following principles:

* Maintain Communication with the Client
* Respect the Attorney/Client Privilege
* Negotiate with Reasonableness
* Litigate with Aggression when Necessary

To speak with an attorney, call our United States Steel Tower office in Pittsburgh at 412-201-1111 or contact us online.